What we do

We work with drug delivery systems (prodrugs). Our passion is design and synthesis of novel drug delivery vehicles (DDV) aimed for targeted drug delivery. Core of our work consist of phosphate based DDVs, their synthesis, self-cleavage/drug release monitoring and optimization. Optimized prodrugs are used for targeted delivery of therapeutics to the desired site of action (tissue, cell, organ). We are also interested in novel antibiotics, phosphorus chemistry and fluorescent probes.

PhD, MSc and Bc positions available!!!
(note for PhD students: deadline for PhD applications is April 30, 2019)


Our newly set up (young-and-progressive group 🙂 ) is constantly searching for new colleagues to broaden our community. We started very recently at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, Department of Organic Chemistry (January 2019) and we need your help. Our research scope is oriented towards biologically active compounds and their drug delivery, thus, there is enough space to reach your full potential and to fulfil your ambitions 🙂
Come and choose your project!

Any question?

Do not hesitate and contact us via email:
baszczyo@natur.cuni.cz or visit us directly in the lab 140.

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